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Bee Removal Services
Don't Get Stung Twice! Watch the Bee Removal Video >At Bee Friendly we specialize in safe, organic live bee removal services. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed methods to take care of your bee problem without the use of dangerous chemicals.

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Fast, Priority Service. Free Estimates.  Free Inspections.
Live Bee Removal at No Extra Charge.
Bee Hive Removal
I had an emergency situation. I called 4 different companies and nobody could get out until the next day.  When I contacted Bee Friendly, they made it a top priority and showed up within the hour. - Mike S. of San Marcos, CA
Bees and Wasps Fun Facts
Bees can count to four.
Honey bees fly at 15 miles per hour.
Honey bees never sleep.
Bees can recognize individual human faces.

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